Loser Plateau - Random German

Thu 22 Jul 2004
Olly M

Pete and I had failed to walk up the previous evening so an 8am rising and a run to the bus stop was in order. Waiting in Bad Aussee allowed a random German bloke to approach and ask us if we could "show him the caves". Julia's powers of dissuasion are clearly lacking because this random person proceeded to follow me and Peter from the top of the toll road to the plateau and on to the stone bridge (Julia had lunch with Dour so didn't walk with us). Upon arriving he asked where the toilet was, "I need a big one", so I showed him the shitting grike. Thankfully his aim was true and no further flies were attracted to mal-aimed turds. He then had two cups of hot chocolate, took photos, and translated the phone message. We bid farewell at the entrance to Hauchhöhle, and despite my best efforts at looking for a corpse on the next walk down I found none and must assume he made it. Lucky really given his nice Nikon camera and the pictures of me and Peter on his 35mm film...

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