99 - 99

Wed 21 Jul 2004

Walked back up to our bivvy in the sun; when we got there, Olly wasn't feeling too well, so we decided that I'd explore 99 whilst Olly sat on the surface and patched his oversuit. I went down rigged off the v.dubious tag bolt and a spike. It went down an inclined rift with snow on the floor for a bit less than 10m then wiggled round right and then left to be below itself again. Here there were 2 old spits, the first of which I rebelayed too. After this a draft was coming through a small ice-covered rift heading roughly towards the appropriate part of Brave New World. I kicked lots of snow out of the way and attempted to fit through the pitch head; I got roughly half way before feeling it was a bit too tight and committing, and decided to come out, which was easier said than done.

After a while of fruitless wiggling I got a bit scared and asked Olly to put his caving gear on to come + help. As soon as Olly left I found a foothold and freed myself sufficiently to escape, but at least Olly had practice at getting into caving gear quickly! I came out, leaving the ice squeeze for either a day later on in expo with less ice, or a day with a hammer.

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