Cave 2003-09 - Exploring + Surveying Olly's Höhle (2003-09)

Sat 02 Aug 2003
Olly Madge

Went to look at hole I discovered with Dave and Earl before the dinner. It blows very hard, so we thought it must go somewhere. Surface surveyed to 204d first, then we crawled into the passage on the right of the entrance, where the draught was coming from. (Earl and I had previously cleared rocks from it to allow entry.) After a crawl the passage opens up with scatterings of ice and snow. A passage goes up to the left as the main way on turns a corner. It enters a large (> 10m diameter) chamber with an ice floor, and an ice stal on the floor. There is some passage with dodgy boulders to the right, but the draught comes from a very dodgy boulder slope on the left (reached by climbing round the edge of the ice). Might be worth poking, but it's quite unstable. We looked up the passage on the left but it doesn't seem to go anywhere. (Maybe a tightish meander in the floor might go (blows outwards a bit), but awkward to enter. QM C.) About 100m of survey in total.

[Long list of stuff left in supply dump at the end of Expo] See the scanned original paper copy of this logbook.

T/U 4hrs

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