Journey - Packing and Journey to Austria

Thu 10 Jul 2003
Mark Shinwell

[et al. - others not listed above]

(to 12/7/2003) In fact it's not the 12th July at all, it's Wednesday 16th but we've only just gotten around to buying a log book. It appears that I have the pleasure of inscribing the first of what will


Never look a log book in the mouth. As I was saying,

no doubt be the usual collection of impecably [sic - I can't tell if this is deliberate!] written reports, each written longingly with due care and attention (ignoring distractions such as [illegible] insects), with the authors in a sufficiently sober state so as to recount the superbly accurate tales in the worst manner possible.

Horse flies in Austria weren't the only ones taking the piss. AN excellent sponsorship effort by Julia led to the delivery of 125kg of noodles (912 packets, just think how far those noodles would stretch!) in 33 boxes of varying size. A mammoth van-packing effort, including trips to every corner of Cambridge (and Bury St. Edmunds, root of all evil) [footnote: Greene King Ltd. (PLC?)] managed to cram 100kg of the noodles and an amazing pile of other shit into Mark's van.

The drive out - Mark and Early - was good, except for a few minor hiccups (Eurotunnel had told us the wrong time & we had to wait an hour, etc). Van temperature light came on twice so we paused briefly to cool down. Driving all day - 4am to 10pm - in 1 1/2 - 2 hour shifts works very well - could have done the journey in 12 1/2 hrs without the tunnel + cooling problems. Arrived at 11pm prompt and headed for Hilde's bar.

T/U a bit (in tunnels).

At this juncture Mark noticed that the front two pages of the logbook were stuck together. By gaffer tape of course.

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