204 - 204C (Hopefully)

Wed 15 Aug 2001
Mike Richardson

Went up to rig the entrance in the gulley found by Martin/Becka/Earl a day or two earlier. Clambered down to pitch head wearing dry grots, knocking down a fair quantity of crap, and put in bolts for a Y hang, then back to the surface, knocking down a further fair quantity of crap in the process. Geared up & went down again, knocking down another fair quantity of crap (get the idea??) I rigged and abseiled down through the pitch head, endeavouring not to knock down an extra quantity of crap, but with limited success. Put in rebelay about 5m down below lots of hanging death, then an easy 30mish down to another rebelay in big shaft about 6-7m diameter. While putting this in, Brian & Mick passed below - this is Cave Tree Chamber - so entrance is 204C indeed. Landed at the bottom of pitch and retired for safety to other side, and shouted for Mike C to come down. Ant & Dunk arrived while he did, and sheltered in passage while some crap came down the pitch. Mike C then bolted the drop at the bottom of Cave Tree. 100% shit bolt but it still got the MikeTA *Seal Of Approval* so he got to go down on it :) and so did I. At the bottom there is a rift to a perhaps 6m shaft with a puddle in the floor so probably blind. Prussicked back to Cave Tree then out _one at a time._

This pitch is crap. You do not want anyone below the first rebelay while someone does the top!!! The enrtrance could maybe be stabilised!!

[sketch] T/U 4 hours

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