Loser Plateau - Carry to 204

Mon 06 Aug 2001
Mark Shinwell

Set off from the Bergrestaurant about lunchtime, after ordering five Germknödel in the said restaurant. Cargo was two black water butts and the equipment to assemble the waterworks at 204. At the Kratzer junction, there was a delay of 15 mins 'cos Martin's butt had opened (it was being carried upside-down); thankfully no shit fell out. Eventually arrived at Top Camp and proceeded to 204. Nearly at 204, Martin had anothr accident with the butt again. Earl + Mark took a detour to find a quicker route from the slabs to 204, but ended up just finding Germknödelhöhle, to the west of 204 by a few hundred metres. A low entrance leads to a couple of chambers of a climb to a higher entrance. Eventually Mark + Earl got to 204 (after investigating a hole with a choke and a skeleton - chamois??). Set up some water-collecting equipment and then walked back to the car park. Went to Base Camp. Food in Hilde's. Weissbier. Gösser. Tatty Hut.

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    Loser Plateau - Carry to 204