40 - Eishöhle - Mission Impossible - Connection seeking

Fri 17 Aug 2001
Hilary Greaves

We heroically dragged ourselves out of our pits at 7.30 the morning after the Expo Dinner + headed up the hill to Find The Connection. - a bolt traverse around the head of Over The Top.

Olly wants to call this traverse "Too Hard For CUCC" (I think on the grounds that he couldn't drag anyone else up here when there was 4k of open passage to be walked into on the other side of the hill, till an unsuspecting Oxford mug came along), but since he bolted the entire traverse while I fell asleep on a pile of rope, it might not be as appropriate as he'd hoped :-) [This smiley actually vertical - Ed]

Anyway, we (Olly) bolted the traverse, and found a loose sand/rocks slope heading up a tunnel on the far side of the pitch chamber. TBC....

Heading [Arrow pointing to comment in pencil Not surveyed'] back from Over The Top, I (when I wasn't asleep) dropped a pitch (~20m) to a rocky floor, with a slot in the wall at chest height, heading down a pitch of indeterminate length. *

No naturals + I didn't have a bolt kit, so couldn't go any further. It's heading the wrong way for a connection anyway (both horizontally + vertically), & Olly thinks it might drop into a known pitch whose name he isn't sure of ("the Mission Impossible Pitch"/"Ol's Pitch"??).

(* Stone rattle varies between ~5s and ~10s )

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