Loser Plateau - Surface

Mon 13 Aug 2001
Becka Lawson

Had entered positions of Cave Tree, Great Oak Chamber + the snow chamber in Crowning Glory into Earl's GPS. Walked up to 204 + set off to find points on surface. Turned out to be q. high up , ~100m above the points we'd surveyed underground, though GPS aren't so good at height. Wandered right up to the bunde-covered peak then back down 204. Lots of big shafts, then Martin found pitch down a thin rift. Put a cairn by it. Mark S, Animal, et al surface surveyed to it next day (14/8) the next day Animal + MikeC (15/8) drill-bolted down + got into Cave Tree via a loose entrance pitch, ~35m down.

T.U. 10 minutes

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