204 - Steinbrückenhöhle

Sun 12 Aug 2001
Becka Lawson

Survey down   41A   QM from 2000. For Becka + Martin, after showing Andy + Wayne where 40A lead was. They put 2 bolts in to put handline / shunt - needed? on short climb up over pitch. After tootling back to find us to say their bolts wouldn't set, we eventually realised they'd omitted the cone. Ah. They went back, got up + into 100m passage, large, sloping up + they thought continuing the same direction as Treeumphant passage + ending in a large aven with a further climb to do, to enter continuation of passage. Martin + I surveyed up 41A, smallish walking passage heading North, parallel to Treeumphant passage. Bridged over pitch, only ~5m down but seemed to be a couple more pitches below from rocks bouncing + the draft possibly came from it, not very large but fine except for large, loose boulders at head of it. well worth looking at. We continued surveying up to aven with mud pile on floor, + then another branch off left, passage in tightish rift, small chamber to right, passage continued left into near flat-out-crawl, deteriorating to flat out crawl. Stopped survey at T-junction, ways L+R about large enough to continue but fortunately our time was up. 30 stations in 4 hours. Met other two + headed out. (over 350m surveying in 2 days). [bracket covering 5 lines from 'mud pile on floor' to 'to continue but' saying 'All heading up gently']

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