40 - Eishöhle

Wed 08 Aug 2001
Olly Betts

Rigging trip. I descended while Tony and Letty fettled crampons. Used 40E (Eistunnel / Elephant's Arsehole) entrance, since it's open this year. Rope up Mission Impossible climb frozen into ice at the bottom, but came out with a bit of tugging. However rope above rebelay is approx ½m below ice. Tried to rig up original bolts, but they've not been greased and are too rusty. Return to entrance to find Tony and Letty just about to descend. Return to climb and ascend using ice screws, and rig new rope from rebelay. Rig as far as the duck, then exit and return to base (bivvy not yet set up). T/U Tony, Letty 4 hours; Olly 5 hours

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    40 - Eishöhle