204 -Steinbrückenhöhle.

Fri 21 Jul 2000
Duncan Collis

Went to rig Steinbrückenhöhle. Had enough rope to rig most of the cave. Found much more snow at the foot of 1st pitch - massive snow slope leading down to head of 2nd, burying the spits. 2nd pitch appears to be several metres shorter than last year, and it looked unlikely that there would be any way on at the bottom. Looked at the traverse to the right, and figured that it would probably be easy with the drill. Bolts placed for the traverse would also allow a descent of the second so figured there was no point expending effort digging out the existing bolts or placing new ones, so left.

Remembered a hole I'd noticed last year about 10m away from 204b. Went to have a look.

Thought that we might get lucky and find a way into 204. Didn't, but found a pleasant little cave. Explored + surveyed perhaps 70m, with a handful of uninspiring QMs left for tomorrow....

TU 5 hour (?)

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