Base Camp - Piss up. Again.

Wed 19 Jul 2000
Martin Green

Had several Gössers and then wobbled across the road to ask about the fridge and sample some schnapps. Couldn't decide which schnapps to try so we had one of each (large ones!) all round. Yum. Then Hilde gave us a big mug of Jagetee, which had such alcoholic vapours rising from it that it could be lit. Polished off the schnapps and Jagetee, then hit the Gössers. Back to the Taty hut for more. I gave up early and went to bed, but the inebriated revelry carried on until 5:30 am.

N.B. we need to remember to pick up the bill. And ask about the fridge....

Thu 20th Estimated number of beers supped: 176 (about 20 gallons = 2 barrels)

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    Base Camp - Piss up. Again.