161 - Triassic Park - Scorchio

Sat 24 Jul 1999
Erin Lynch

Date of [24th - from call-out book]

After being trapped in our tent for 3 days due to rain, we headed back to T.P. with relief and the desire to move onto something more interesting. I went down Scorchio to derig + survey, and was overcome by the drive to see what was beyond the squeezy bit. Unfortunately, even after I'd kicked a good bit of mud glop out of the squeeze, I still had to take my belay belt off to get through. Forgetting to put my stop on a cow's tail made the whole thing a bit exciting and all I found was another vertical squeeze. Chickening out, I declared it done enough, and we surveyed the accessible bit. The bottom of Scorchio is definitely a grade W q.m. Across the passage, Theo hammered in a spit for Dynamo Kiev, the last q.m. in our little area. There was much rejoicing when it, too, was too tight, so we could survey + go home.

T.U. 6¼ hours

P.S. It's worth noting that we didn't look at the most promising hole-in-the-floor q.m. in that area which is located [at this critical point, the log-book write up just stops, Webeditor. However, perusal of the 1995 survey book suggests this is C1995-161-43]

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