161 - Triassic Park - Latzio

Sun 18 Jul 1999
Erin Lynch

The 3 of us headed back down T.P. to the undocumented q.m. hole in the floor where we'd previously hammered in a few spits. I rigged + dropped the pitch (Latzio) while John tried to put a spit in at the top of Scorchio (named in honour of the fucking hot weather). Latzio got too tight at the bottom, but I could see a way on through a tiny mud-choked hole, so in a fit of keenness I tried unsuccessfully to bash my way through a bit of the choke. After a while I decided I needed a bigger hammer. Meanwhile John had discovered that the rock at the top of Scorchio was deeply shit - all 3 of the spits he'd tried to put in had caused the rock to crumble, so we decided to call it a day.


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