161 - Triassic Park

Sat 17 Jul 1999
Duncan Collis

A stroll along Triassic Park to show the other 3 around. En route, we looked at a few qms, some documented, some undocumented, in order to decide which to push. Whilst doing this we spotted a tube above a documented lead (the pitch just below the "A" of Triassic on the survey [C1995-161-43, WebEd.]), and crawled up it. Hammered a flake out of the way to enter an aven. Also crawled up a tube just next to the undescended pitch opposite the way to Puerile Humour. This goes about 10m. Eventually decided to descend a pitch in the floor of TP just beyond the one first mentioned here. banged a couple of bolts in, showing the others how to; they will return tomorrow to make the descent.

On the way out, traversed on ledges high above the floor of TP around the point where Wheelchair Access goes off, and found two passages on the E side, which both choked after a short distance.

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    161 - Triassic Park