Loser Plateau - Surface Stroll - Marking Cairns on route @ ~30° from Top Camp

Thu 23 Jul 1998
Tim Vasby

Was supposed to be derigging SEP wih SteveB, but unfortunately suffered from runny-bum. By mid afternoon I was more or less OK, so went for a stroll.

Thought it might be useful to find & cairn a good route out across the plateau to enable prospecting well away from the top camp ( + towards the area N of KH ).

3 ½ hours of bunde (+cliff) bashing found us on the spur of the HSK which extends out into the plateau. Loads + loads of unmarked + unbolted shafts round here, only 45 min from top camp following our cairns. Intend to survey route next year.

Holes noted on route (all close to 030° bearing from top camp)

1) Nase 204° VSK Nip 142° HsK 061°

Large gash, snow in bottom, no obvious markings. Aligned on 050°

2) Brauning Nase 208°

VSK Nipple 159°

LH shoulder of Kl Wild Kogel 0°

Basin with several holes, all look choked, but need checking

3) Natural bridge

Continuing from previous bit, a large depression contains a nice natural bridge.

Nase 205° Nipple 159° HSK 069°

X in circle = small opening with draught, appears snow choked.

4) Large snow choked shaft, possible way on at bottom

Nase 204° Nipple 160°

LH shoulder of Kl Wild Kgl 359°

5) Oval opening ~10m long containing snow.
1 possible way on (entered for about 8m in shorts + Tshirt + sunburn) but no draught

Nase 205°
Hinter 357 075°
LH shoulder of KlWildK 357°


Hole with old fashioned twist hanger, red paint on it. Attached by Allen Bolt (Non-CUCC?)
Nase 205°
HSK 076°
VSK Nipple 170°

7) Nipple 173°
HSK 080°
LH shoulder Kl wild Kgl 357°

8) shaft with massive chocked boulder, snowchoke, possible way on at bottom

Nase 205°
Zinken 227°
HSK 090°

9) Large Hole with cairn next to it (Not our cairn, someone's been here before)

Zinken 228°
Nase 210°
Nipple 185°

10) Very small hole, rattly with big echoes for several seconds. Too small to enter, possibly hammerable.

Zinken 226° Nase 207° Nipple 195° LH shoulder of KWK 347°

Follow path marked by stone wedges vertically next to it.

11) Big shaft snow at bottom, possible ways on, following rift.

Zinken 224°
Nase 205°
Nipple 184°
LH shoulder of KWK 345°

12) Hole surrounded by ring of small shrubs.

Many other holes not noted due to "Shaft fatigue".

END OF WALK was found at: little one left of Schönberg 303°, LHS of KWK 340°, Zinken 223°, Nase 208°, Nipple 188°

Original notes are in A6 Hardback book, blue, labelled "1998 Top Camp". [and the above logbook entry has been clarified/corrected from said book by Wookey, 1998-10-24]

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