40 - Eishöhle -"Connect to 136 mk III or derig" trip

Mon 27 Jul 1998
Julian Haines

Bimbled into the ridiculously large chamber. Julian went up the 45° choss/ice slope, twatting in ice screws as he went. Unfortunately, this didn't actually go anywhere. Had a look at a couple of other climbs just to the right. Decided that these were too scary and probably didn't go anywhere nice. Went up the snow-volcano dragging tacklebags behind, derigging as we went. Left the bags just before the crawl to the entrance. Exitted to glorious sunshine, mumbled about the likely temperature (hot) on the way back, and emerged from our SRT kits like pallid snakes moulting. Went back for the tackle-bags, and returned 10 mins later to 50 foot visibility and a delicate sound of thunder. Grumbled.

We walked back in the intermittently pissing rain to the carpark via the 201-weg. Julian carried his fucking heavy gear, and I carried two fucking heavy tackle sacks. Did not die on the walk back.

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    40 - Eishöhle -"Connect to 136 mk III or derig" trip