161 - Pushing trip to Moomintroll

Sat 11 Jul 1998
Kate Janossy

Found Moomintroll on the second attempt. Rigged a short, blind pitch to the R after Moth Chamber by mistake, while Kate went to get SRT kit from Knossus. Then found Zebedee and descended the short pitch/climb with horrendous rigging off 1 bolt with 3 rope protectors. Dodgy traverse round the pitch, at which point Earl & Tim decided to go out, since there was not much room at the pushing front. Brian free-climbed Moomintroll, Kate + Steve J followed with rope, then banged a bolt in at the top.

Lots of bashing at the squeeze eventually created a hole big enough to fit through. Steve 'Mendip Man' Jones did a gravity-assisted descent of the squeeze, followed by a lifelined climb down into a chamber with a small rift going off. He had an interesting time thrutching back through the squeeze impeded by SRT kit.

Narrow rift needs pushing, but take care with crystals on the walls - S.J. E, T - 5 h

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