161 - Rigging towards Siberia

Mon 28 Jul 1997
Phil Underwood

{xxxx} = corrections from Becka

Dunk had an Idea: "Let's push that lead in Siberia!"
Phil: "Sounds like fun. Where's Siberia?"
Becka: "Can I come too?"

So we arrived at 161d, and worked out what we had forgotten. Unfortunately, I managed to fettle up a replacement for my lamp belt, so I had to go caving. We arrived at the guillotine to find several 9-10m lengths of rope, and three ropes >=56m. Mutter. General rope cutting and fettling, (the 60-odd m rope), and then we were off. Rigged into Knossus via an airy rebelay {Found tacklesack which had been left from last year}. General wandering around trying to find YAPATE inlet. Found it. Stomp. Replaced the traverse line {No, we didn't, we replaced the maillon on the pitch head and left all the rope (circa 1990 or so)} below staircase 36, and prussiked up. Becka replaced a dodgy looking hanger {maillon}, and we trundled up Chicken Flied Nice, with a short diversion to look at Hyper Gamma Spaces.

Next: lugging the tackle-bastards up Burble crawl. Not as nasty as it could have been, but still pretty miserable. Popped out at the head of Vom pitch, which Becka rigged half-way before running out of things to, and then couldn't find the right way down. Dunks then had a go with equal lack of success. {Later we found out it had been rigged off a deviation which had later fallen off as someone prussiked up it.} Phil didn't try. We came out, happy that we didn't have to lug all the tackle back through Burble, and exited to warm sunshine at 7.00pm.

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