161 - Siberia

Wed 30 Jul 1997
Jon Barber

I was talked into going to Siberia with Duncan. There were plenty of comments like "Its not that cold", "Burble Crawl is not too bad" and the like. It was in fact one of my best trips and I was warm. This was the first time I did not need a hat and gloves. We went in through Triassic Park and into Knossos. All nice and big. Then Burble Crawl. Not too small but .. its uphill for 100m. Vom Pitch followed. We were glad to get out of this place at the bottom, lots of bits fell off including what we rigged off. Duncan found the way on and off we went. (There is also a hole at the bottom of the pitch. Possible lead!) Found a windy passage. I got cold while Duncan rigged then we went out to meet our call out.

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