161 - Tourist + Wheelchair Access with German cavers from Stuttgart club

Sun 27 Jul 1997
Becka Lawson

Germans walked all the way over to Scarface with their gear from the car park (with some subtle grumbles over the climbs!) and I took them on a tourist to the end of Triassic Park and showed them the Fear-On Traverse and the start of Interview Blues. Back to go down Wheelchair Access. More mild grumbles over oversuit-shredding Kein Zimmer. Robert and Robert surveyed downstream from where Jon and I had left off yesterday to the bottom of the pitch downstream. I furtled around in the chamber below the pitch but couldn't find a way on - unless there is a way the other side of the pool where the pitch comes in.....but that is over welly height. I went back to fetch a rope and rigged a pitch (?5m) off 2 naturals and kicked the accrued stones down for a bit. Lobbed down and Robert (the elder) followed.

[detailed sketch of cave]

To small chamber with skinny rift upstream + rift (fine to go down) downstream. Down ~10m to small chamber, then along ~another 10m to top of small pitch in rift - I think this is quite likely to join up to the pool at the bottom of the downstream pitch into the big rift chamber, but should be checked. Robert could see light from young Robert when he was in the 2nd rift after the chamber + young Robert was in the main passage above the pitch. [arrow pointing to a section at the bottom of the next page] Showed the Germans Salt Lake City at the end of the trip and then they walked all the way back to the car park with their gear!

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