136 - Steinschlagschacht

Tue 29 Jul 1997
Becka Lawson

Faff, faff. Then Becka realised she had forgotten her oversuit at 161 so had to go back down the bloody hill to get it (see Fuckwit count). Finally got underground about 2pm. Anthony and Julian started the survey (Anthony had done the surface survey to 136 earlier). After the first pitch, I took over the surveying with Anthony and Julian went down to continue the rigging. We did lots of dodgy plumbs and ambled on down nice airy rigging with hardly any choss at all (_what were_ they griping about?) Surveyed down to where A & J had got yesterday, then Julian had rigged a traverse line over a wettish rift into an eyehole. We reckoned the original CUCC route had gone straight down the wet route. We did another 54m rope worth down the eye-hole route, over a sloping hole and down 2 or 3 ledges until Julian got bored of rigging and our survey had caught up with him (189m depth surveyed, with 40m plan extent, fun, fun, fun!) Then we turned round and prussiked back out again to a fantastic sunset.

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    136 - Steinschlagschacht
    161 - Sam's rift at top of K(l?)ein Zimmer