161 - Where the wind blows - 161d

Mon 22 Jul 1996
Becka Lawson

Decide to go on a bumbly trip as out late yesterday. Off down Puerile Humour, Batman Series, left at Gotham City Junction, & surveyed "Where the Wind Blows" from where we left off on our last trip (19/7). Got cold surveying in the draft, but at least got some long legs in the phreatic. I had another look at the boulder choke at the end. Drafting well. Choked & loose looking straight up, possibly could dig into horizontal tube, but all pretty chossy & we were COLD. We had been intending dropping the pit in the large chamber, but too chilly so stomped off down Puerile Humour to warm up. Found Brian bolting around Shaft Mine (it didn't go) & then met Lummat et al having great fun in Completely Loopy. The et al was having such fun that Ralph decided to head out to 161F entrance & find his way to 161D on the surface. Sam + I escorted him out - entrance is squirmier than 161E, though no squalid entrance squeeze. Sam + I back in & did more red + white taping of Triassic Park until the roll of tape thankfully ran out.

Note: Sam brought his camera in with the intention of taking some photos, but film ran out at picture 9 of 24 because the camera is crap and forgets how many photos it's taken if the batteries fall out. AARGH!

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