161 - 5-Ways area

Sun 21 Jul 1996
Dave Milne

Surveyed bits and pieces in the loop between the top of Pot-hole Passage and 5-ways and finished surveying Completely Loopy. Had lunch.

Looked at the passage above Completely Loopy, <Crystal Clear Passage>. This turned out to take an enormous draught, with various parallel interconnecting passages. Ascending passage soon leads to ice formations. A 2m climb up with a deep? pitch below (QM) leads after a short passage to <Spider Man Chamber> with 8 radiating passages. Ascending the main draughting passage leads to a left hand turn, with a tight crawl to the right straight on (QM). The way on to the left is piled with flakes of roof material: passing through here brings down further material <Flaky Passage>. Crossing to the right under a very low arch takes you in sight of day-light, into passage where standing room is possible. This is brief, and a crawl over rocks leads to a squeeze and then a crawl over ice to the entrance <Bat entrance> 161f. Outside we bumped into Anthony + Becka who had just found 161e. After surveying between 161e + 161f we surveyed along the main passage to Completely Loopy.

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