161 - Puerile Humour

Sun 14 Jul 1996
Dave Milne

Excellent stroll to this series. Pitch '(20m?)' descended 7m on 2 naturals across traverse (_N_ATURALS _C_ITY 1) 3m to top of NC2. On left at top of pitch step up into ascending passage leads to oxbow into NC1 on left and crawl to small chamber on right. NC2 is 7m free climbable descent on naturals. Underneath is short ascending tube leading to black blockage. 5m walk to top of NC3. 7m descent off naturals (would be free climbable xcept hand holds keep falling off). At north end of joint climb leads to bottom of dry inlet - no way up (no QM). Traverse onto ledge above choked pit leads to small entrenched chamber. Mud filled passage ahead (Dig no. 90).

From bottom of NC1 climb down sharp nobby rift leads to top of undescended pitch. Surveyed out.

7 hrs

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