161 - Puerile Humour cont.

Mon 15 Jul 1996
Dave Milne

From the bottom of 'Natural City 3' spent 90 minutes removing pivoting chock stone from the head of the rift. Sam squeezed through the tight bit. The rift bells out to land after 17m on choked floor with 2 choked pits (one 3m deep). <Sam's Folly> surveyed to Gd 3 and derigged out.

Traverse across top of 'NC1' leads to high passage to T-junction after 5m. To left leads to ascending mud floored inlet. No way on.

To right leads through cyclopentyl arch to wall overlooking large pitch with sound of water (QM). Following wall to right a boltable climb (~3m) [Comment "->up to roof tube" inserted by Sam] immediately on right leads to wide stooping passage (QM). Continuing, a gently descending passage leads to a pitch. This does not appear to join the larger one (QM).

From the T-junction, turn right + immediately on the left a 4m diameter abandoned phreatic tube ascends steeply. Immediately entering this a tight pitch descends (QM). Continuing up enters <Lummats Folly>, a large aven. Climbing up the left hand side leads to a short narrow vertical tube avoiding a bold climb. On the opposite side of a slope an opening can be seen (QM). Continuing upwards leads to an opening in the left hand corner shortly to close down to a flat out gently ascending crawl over mud. This breaks out at a T-junction into standing passage. To the left the passage opens into a shaft (QM). On the opposite side of the shaft the passage continues (QM - but not easily accessible).

To the left at the T junction a too narrow rift drops down to the entrance to the crawl. Continuing up a mud slope leads to a small chamber in the roof at the apex. The mud slopes steeply down to a pitch (?) maybe back into the aven (?) (QM).

Surveyed out.

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