161 - Pushing Puerile Humour

Thu 11 Jul 1996
Matthew Hicks

The finds extending N from nr. Ringpiece Junction, having fallen victim to a Gössered-up naming session by Steve, have become the Puerile Humour series. We linked the previous survey into a point in TP, then put a handline round the 2nd pit, 'Amyl Nitrate' named because its discoverers had just been repulsed at Bugger.

Have now found ways up into 2 chambers looking down onto 'Between the Thighs'. Continued under boulders to find 3 QM's at top of 2 steep scrambles on left. Forward is a climb down (good naturals) to a pitch (20m?). A passage continuing over the climb turns right into a big chamber, couldn't see floor, heard running water. Not having enough rope for pitch, we pottered out via Shortage of Walls and Golgotha, but no more pushing got done - Raining outside.

TU 6

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    161 - Surveying big pitch off Minoan Surprise (QM 95_54)
    161 - Pushing Puerile Humour