travel - Looking for a way back to England...

Wed 03 Jul 1996
Helen Twelftree

BECKA: I guessed the 3/7 date for this entry

As we're nearly ready for going to Top Camp to carry stuff Hilda calls me and I get a phonecall from Dad "-you have an interview next week". After much phoning he finds out about another interview, and that he couldn't change my flight home for me. I had to do it myself, in person... nearest office in Vienna. Found a place in Stralzburg. Salzburg actually, I drove (N)

Nick gallently (?) offered to drive me as I was still suffering from a hangover. Drove to Statzburg, parked, wandered around a bit. Found a stall offering guided tours... in English! Hurrah! Nice man said he was also going there, he'd take us... Found the tiny shop in a tiny street. Was told that they could change my flight for 350 AU.s, but no flights on the 9th, only on the 6th July. Sigh! I change my ticket, it gives me an entire 4 days doing things here. 15 hours driving (ish, very-ish) for 4 days on Expo. Ho Hum.

Drove back, found team London at Hilda's. Took them straight up to Top Camp (keeness or what !?!) and did 2 carry-ins. If I'm lucky I'll get 1 caving trip!

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