192 - Prospecting nr France

Wed 26 Jul 1995
Kate Janossy

After a very nice day sitting around not caving (highly recommended), I decided to do something useful (???). Went to France + found the others just emerging. (Balazs was cold but impressed + Andy ranted loudly at Scout). After some time I found the totally unobvious hole James + I had found previously + chucked a ladder down. Then found a fairly rusty spit near the top. I went down the ladder which didn't reach the bottom (bum), swung around lots. Decided it probably doesn't go but I can't be sure. Climbing long ladders clipping cows tails in for safety is tedious + shit. Ropes are much better. Failed to find the cave with a - on which James + I found before. Instead found a draughting horizontal entrance a bit below France which has snow in leading to a pitch in a big rift. Didn't go in - too scary. Didn't draw any pictures either because it was about to get dark.

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