161 - Gob, pushing lead over Alexander Technique

Wed 26 Jul 1995
Nick Proctor

Whilst everyone else was enjoying themselves down France, I managed to persuade Duncan that he wanted to come with me to Gob. Pottered down, collecting gear from Over the Rainbow. Duncan was suitably impressed by Knossos & YAPATE. Wish You Were Here was grim (and wet) as usual, then to Final Cut. Bash the tackle sack through & follow it. Then Duncan says 'Nick... I don't think I'll fit through' After 15 minutes of grunting & panting, this is proved to be true. Sigh. Dump the gear and head out. I manage to set fire to my carbide tube getting off Final Cut. Then we gently wandered out.

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    161 - Gob, pushing lead over Alexander Technique
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