Plateau - Prospecting on big white patch of limestone below Hinter

Thu 27 Jul 1995
Kate Janossy

Balázs wanted to go prospecting & taking photos. Oh dear what a shame - another excuse not to go caving. It is far away + v. hot. We found some big holes. After putting a ladder down into a shallow rift, we decided to free climb it instead and put the ladder down a grim tight rift where water goes which was shit on a ladder in shorts & doesn't go. Then a huge boulder fell off when Balazs stood on it & they fell ~6 foot into snow. He was just bruised & v lucky. Unsurprisingly he didn't then feel like going into the other hole in that rift. This looked promising so I borrowed his harness rigged the pitch off naturals + went down. Found a spit near the top (again). The rope didn't reach the bottom AGAIN! rant! Looks like it doesn't go though. Interesting moment when my dodgy deviation went PING & a bit of cack came flying down 1 foot from my totally unprotected head. Fortunately the deviation stayed put. After that we found another _big_ hole with a really shit spit in the top. Didn't go down due to lack of decent naturals, bolting gear or bolts. Then we found a draughting horizontal entrance! Unfortunately this also stopped (the draught was due to the fact that it was next to a snow plug). More chucking rocks down holes, then we went back to top camp via France which was hot, shit + took too long. We don't appear to have found another way into the Far End yet, strangely enough.

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