161 - Main Entrance

Mon 10 Jul 1995
Nick Proctor

Proper caving at last !!! Team knowledge (ie. Mike) had arrived the day before and was deemed to be keen. Went down to Dreaming of Limo with its myriad of leads, so rigged main entrance, snot, pitch below squeeze, put a handline on vestibule and then thrutched through Stomping (Don' you just hate cavers with a sense of humour ?) Stomping it is not. Shite is closer to the mark, especially with a tackle sack. Arrived at the pushing front - nice trusty rift leading to a pitch. Hugh put in a bolt, then I had a go. Bang, bang, flake, bang, bang, crumble. Hmm, that'll be shit rock then. All bored and cold so headed out slowly. Emerged to daylight and more hot sunshine. Good stuff.

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    161 - Main Entrance