161 - Quest for the holy generator thingy

Wed 20 Jul 1994
Andrew Atkinson

Once upon a time not long enough ago a frustrated caver (with a very short memory) went up a dangerous path (the toll road) to face unknown dangers and the glory of a working carbide light by recovering the missing piece. The journey was tretrous (it was raining and Olly was driving) but he battled on and eventually reached the dragons (rabbits) hole. He donded his armour undeterbed by the onslaught from the gods (it was pissing down) and eventually descended into the icy depths. Battling his way on thro' touchous lands (Snot, chunnel, vestible, stomping) he eventually found the hidden land (Dreaming of limo) to recover the trophy mounted on a rock (read lying in a puddle). Returning along the same route with only a diversion to Dreamtime to collect x metres of rope so no fool could be misled again he strode towards daylight only to have one of his bags of treasures snatched from his grasp by the automatic doors. He emerged into the sunset (well, it was an hour to sunset and it was still pissing down) purged of his need to cave for another day.

TU 3½ hrs

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    161 - Quest for the holy generator thingy