161 - Push Exhaustion Pitch (Burble area) & survey

Thu 21 Jul 1994
Olly Betts

Andy's too lazy to write this up so I'll just mention the "high" lights. We found a few hundred metres of passage, ending in a 3½ seconds drop pitch (rift in the floor stuff, rather like Shell pitch in Puffball). Should be riggable as a Y-hang then straight down. Rocks land with a wet noise, so expect water and/or mud. We surveyed from the junction with the new passage back to a known point, which took ages due to widdly passage, the mud and my eyesight. It's all jolly cold and draughty, and has thus been named "Siberia". I got jolly tired on the way out (I had told Andy I'd be slow) - I'm beginning to see how Julian S feels.

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