161 - Survey and derig beyond Arrow Chamber

Wed 14 Jul 1993
Dave Galvin

("Chunder Pitch Series")

Two trips were planned on 14/7, one by Julian S, Anthony and Hugh to look at lead off Big Sainsbury's and one by L, N and DG down to Arrow Chamber. Ours almost didn't happen because there was not a single working clino in Top Camp. We took a clouded one up to the cave in the hope that it might clear up. It didn't. So, after much faffing and discussion, J,A,H and N went down to push while L and DG went Bunde bashing. Having found a promising hole we went back to the cave mouth to get Zooms etc. and found the clino clear. Yes, we are going caving we said ! We finally set off 2 hours late, Nick joined at the bottom of Big Sainsbury and we went and surveyed, regularly stopping to shout at the blasted cloudy clino. DG managed to get stuck climbing up through a nice tight squeeze. Hmm... Got out and it was wet and horrible (Rained all next day at Top Camp. What a surprise. Lummat is the Rain God).

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