161 - Gob on you

Wed 07 Jul 1993
Mike Pigram

to Gob on You then some pushing. Got to the entrance and Adam and I found our furries wetter than when we had left them to dry - see Hugh's account of epic thunderstorm.

After a rather grim Yorkshire-style change we bounced on down to Yapate, Gob on you and nice big pitch which is so far nameless. By this time Nick had given up on his carbide which hummed but produced no flame. Adam started bolting from the narrow slot at the bottom of nameless pitch and continued to do so for the next 2 hrs (yawn, shiver). The route down rejoined the water from Gob on You and was mainly on lovely 9mm rope (gibber). We found the bottom 120m down this pitch and at a total depth of 480m. Footprints were found at the bottom and a couple of spits were found on the way out - it turned out that we had joined the bottom of Dehydration. We had planned to survey on the way out but compass and clino had misted up so this will have to be done later - any takers ? I thought I could find my way out so let Adam zoom off out. By the time Mike and I had returned to Yapate he was somewhat tired and my electric backup was giving up - my carbide having already run out.

By the time we got to the top of Knossos I had no light at all so we had a serious carbide fettle. I was left with a carbide that just worked and Nick with a dodgy FX5 due to the top of the Oldham box being ripped off in the slot at the bottom of Gob on You. We slowly prussiked out.

It was fucking xepicx I nearly died

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