161 - Beyond Arrow Chamber

Mon 12 Jul 1993
Dave Milne

Descended 161 to Arrow Chamber and to top of 2nd pitch in Pitch-Ramp Series. Descended pitch to second ramp. Single bolt rebelay, deviated by rocking boulder still required & protector to descend to 3rd ramp. Ascending ramp led to too tight a trench and expiry of phreatic tube.

Returned to Left-hand fork from Arrow Chamber. Found pitch-ramp series without pitches. Phreatic tube passable for a short distance.

[grade 1 sketch]

Returned to top of Pitch-Ramp Series. Traversed across top of pitch to possible continuation of phreatic. Didn't go anywhere - dropped back into vertical.

[full page grade 1 sketch of Pitch-Ramp Series]

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    161 - Beyond Arrow Chamber