Top camp - (callout) Höhlenrettungbessofene

Sun 11 Jul 1993
Andy Waddington

Drive of the mad yobbos commenced after jury rigging CB into Wadders van; two cars up toll road at a mad dash. Stamped on jury wire and blew fuse just as top camp called rescue off, but had sent four heroic rescuers ahead on path before reestablishing communication. Clive selflessly stayed up at the radio shouting "All clear at Top Camp" until we finally got sorted and replied from a sensible place. Came home. What heroes ! T/U nil.

For information: mobile radio is _crap_ from usual parking place but works fine from Kehre 13 (first right hand hairpin on way down). Probably OK from edge of car park too. Couldn't raise top camp, but heard them from ~½ way up toll road.

[there follows a grade 1 elevation "New bit of France (below Orient Express)" connected to the previous write-up by a long arrow and labelled "Danger - done when pissed, no survey" ]

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    Top camp - (callout) Höhlenrettungbessofene