161 - Kaninchenhöhle Push Final Cut

Sun 04 Jul 1993
Adam Cooper

Rigged from Yapate as far as Final Cut & it looked smaller than I recalled. Traverse over hole into continuation of hading rift (which goes up where). Struggled to put 2 bolts in - drill just fitted in narrow rift. MTS went down first, demonstrating that there wasn't much space in the slot for gear or lard. Only 2m down traversed off into dry bit away from wet pitch. 20m (ish) along in direction of Burble found another slightly wider slot, which turned out to be a superb 45m freehang, dry pitch. Continuing along rift above pitch is an unclimbed 2m, up pitch, which might lead to an alternative descent. At bottom of 45m pitch the passage turns back to break into the avoided wet pitch again via another not overly large slot.

We had no rope left so made an honourable exit to meet Wook & Tess on the entrance pitch. Just made Top camp before a huge storm.

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