Base camp

Fri 09 Jul 1993
Nick Proctor

Fuck all happened. Noone went caving. Somebody went shopping, Ali's birthday so we threw him in the river. Seemed the proper thing to do. I am pissed in case you haven't noticed. Lots of beer. No caving. A good day. Adam was a hard bastard and went walking for miles and miles. My writing is almost as crap as Clive's and I am pissed. We had a treat tonight. Celebration. No bean slop. Sausages and chicken. A good day, too much meat and beer.

This is probably all illegible. Basically we got pissed. Ali & MTS sharked and failed. So what. Your local pissed bastard.
Nick the alcy

AAAAARGHH !!!!! [this last written diagonally across an entire page, Ed.]

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