Sonnenleitenschacht (Sun-ladder shaft)

Sat 25 Jul 1992

Up at an unreasonable hour (5.30) to meet Austrians at 06.30. Long, hot, fast walkin. We were shagged. Fortunately caving was much easier & we were suitably boggled by fairly mental shaft series down to -368m (p20,p93,p19,p10,p53,p88,p57). Nasty tight rift halfway down.

At bottom is some horizontal cave with mega-slippery mud. Did a bit of surveying but bottom pitch was too wet so had a look at rest of cave, ending at a big shaft (surprise surprise) got a rope to enable Rob to do traverse round pitch-head to find miles more cave- prob nearly 300m to a big rift pitch & shaft down to streamway. Fucking brill - and we didn't even have to survey it. T/U 7½hrs

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    Sonnenleitenschacht (Sun-ladder shaft)
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