161 - Pipeless push/survey

Thu 23 Jul 1992

Got up later & then only underground by 2.20. Gave Jerry a good tourist trip on the way down - he was stunned by the sheer size of KH. Staggered all the way to Repton [this was originally typed in as Pipeless - its almost illegible] with a borrowed York rope, to find some more there - bum, needn't have bothered. Had a look at rock in my question mark and moved part of it but decided too dodgey to move other half. Then trundled all the way down Pipeless to Satan's Sitting Room. Rigged down pitch & found a bit more cave at the bottom, including Silent Fellow, a chamber with a pitch out of it (but very chossy) prob 30m. Then surveyed out. Pipeless is very windy & bloody freezing. Trailed back to surface with some hangers and Mike's rope. Satisfying, efficient trip. Jesus what a lot of cave.

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    161 - Pipeless push/survey