161 - Garden Party Finish - Survey & derig

Fri 24 Jul 1992
David Fearon

I can't remember what happened, so I shall make something up. The battery was heavy. It was heavy on the way to the cave. It was heavy in conjunction with a light tackle sack. It was fucking heavy in the full tackle sack and a drill.

So, I went dangling with gear, strewn with expensive dead weight across dubious traverses down dubious climbs and across f'ing unlikely chocked boulder floor things. Thus, standing at the edge of Cat Litter, I clipped in and descended, slammed a bolt in the wall - I thought about using my hand driver but thought that I ought to use Mark Mileing [??] battery. Descended loads, Andy followed and said Hey up gus [??] its some gear tape. And thus realised we were in known cave. We then found some rope. After toffee eating we lugged heaved hauled and surveyed. Laugh.

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    161 - Garden Party Finish - Survey & derig