161 - France

Fri 24 Jul 1992
Tony Rooke

Rigged in to bottom of Roll of the Dice, but could not [find] last rebelay and could not be bothered to put in a new spit so left all the gear there approx.- 4 hangers, 2 tectors, 1 bolting kit, 2 tapes, 60m of rope. _Warning_ top of roll of the dice wants another tector or preferably a rebelay - rope can be obtained by removing the clown well back from the top of pitch. Also for the first few prussiks up from the freehanging rebelay in Francophobia (one with tape foot sling) rope rubs, but I have now tightened the deviation so I don't know if it still will. Caving is _ace_ best trip I've had in months, ran back to top camp because I was feeling so good and Gill who saw me thought there must have been an accident.

Previous trip (1991 derigging)

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    161 - France
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