161 - Bladerunner - Hole below pitch below squeeze

Wed 29 Jul 1992
David Fearon

[missing date -- JGT]

Our lonely intrepid explorer made his way to the cave. He entered thinking of the absence of annoying friends. He came upon a drop with badly buried rope. He fearlessly pounded upon the rock eventually it gave way. The rope was claimed. I rigged the first three belays on tape - such delight - never before had I had so many tapes - oooh the benefit of being a facist thieving bastard. Bolt, bolt, bolt, bolt yawn loadsa pitch.

Bollock Bollocks, it stops. I don't fit. Aahh but no. It goes so squeezesque* lovely. Then rift, then maze, then pitch. Yawn bolts.

* Millenium Falcan -> squeeze bit
* Yoda -> mazey bit
* Androids -> pitch

Previous trip (initial RHR rig) / Final derig and Bladerunner survey trip.

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    161 - Bladerunner - Hole below pitch below squeeze