"survey" + "Pushing" trip down France

Wed 17 Jul 1991
Hugh Salter

Entered cave at 2.34 (Pauls timing). At 2.40 someone turned the taps on, whilst Penny + Hugh were still at 4th + 2nd rebelays respectively. Little dangerous at first as loadsa loose choss brought down. Everyone down OK except by now cold + wet + windy.

As water showed no tendancy to drop, thus making the object of the trip unattainable, a retreat was proposed, seconded and carried unanimously. But first we took photos of the dice, of Belgium and of the phreatic tube (nice bit o'cave that). Also found a miserable bit of sideways crawling in mud and Mark went up the slope at the back.

[grade 1 plan labelled BCRA: -5]

Thence out, pitch OK in terms of safety by now but very cold hands all round. Marks footloops broke on the way up, which elicited absolutely zero sympathy.

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    "survey" + "Pushing" trip down France
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