161 - Dreamtime proper

Mon 16 Jul 1990
Mike Richardson

Late underground. Went over the new route traverse across to start of Dreamtime. It's in a better place this year. Trogged down to the pitch we rigged on naturals last year rerigged it with a bolt. Followed the passage down through and beyond the eyehole. Rigged the most likely looking of the possible pitches at the end. hurray passage way. Minor epic as the flake which we rigged the rope from disintegrated as Jared was on it. So we decided to be sensible and put bolts in. Trogged down more passage. Found a carbide water pool which lucky 'cos we were low. Then "ooh says Jared an obvious stream passage going upward" then "oh well er no its another pitch actually" or something like that.

Descended pitch. At moment rebelay on dubious looking tape on a big flake. May be ok for abseiling if you don't jiggle the rope off. But iffy for prussiking. Found footprints. Found we'd come out below the chunnel. Thought ooh good connection well shall we survey out or make it a round trip and go out the other way. Felt knackered so the latter won. Wish I was fitter.

Time u/g ~9hrs

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