Surface - Walk to Camp 1 via some interesting holes

Mon 16 Jul 1990
William Stead

A new face shows up (well, an old old lag really...)

Carried caving gear up pm. My first time on a CUCC exped'n. On the col just short of camp 1 looked across to the hillside opposite... a hole. Decided to go there & ended up somewhere else, where there was a _really_ tight flat-out crawl. just fitted through in a T shirt. Leads to a tightish (though passable) rift. Draughting quite strongly outwards. Decided to turn back, to make sure I could get out. Did so with a little difficulty. The entrance could be enlarged with a lumphammer & a crowbar. Ten metres below, Mark found another hole, this time a newly-collapsed small unstable hole, with a rock jammed across it. Tried to shift rock & got it jammed further. Mark went down a 6m climb, which led to a longish ramp. Dumped gear at camp 1, called Hugh at cave 161, had a brew & resolved to return morgen fresh. Discovered my sunglasses were still at cave entrance. I'd taken them off to go caving. Mark stayed at col, & I went to retrieve them. With shouted directions also found the entrance we'd first thought of - it goes all of 5 feet before stopping.


P.S: Built a cairn by entrances Bearing 285 Mag to Nose. 350 to Gr.Schiebling-Kgl.
Caves are by col 50m above path on opposite side where path by tree meets fault running up mountain.

T.U. 5 mins each

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