drunk and stupid discovery

Wed 09 Aug 1989
Chris Densham

Mark F and Jeremy had discovered '100m' of pitches from an extremely unlikely looking hole just before the old 3rd pitch (also unlikely looking). Adam & Becka surveyed from Del & Juliette's point at head of pitch to limit of M & J's discoveries. Their estimate of pitch lengths made up in consistency what they lacked in accuracy, ie. the 40m pitch shrank to barely 20m & the 60m down to 30m. However, 30m v.v. fine. From bottom of 30m, the previous limit, pushed onwards. Vadose canyon - 3m pitch + traverse, 6m pitch, traverse, 8m pitch. Two ways, wet (not done) dry (done) - was 10m down to floor - one way back toward water was looking tight, other way was tighter - a small window was hammered out from rabbit size to almost human size by Bka. Best bet is wet way above 10m or above 30m pitch.

It rained a lot today - motivation from 1st camp as it pissed down at 6.30 a.m. very hard - but after a wet walk to 161 was a dry change. Pitches rigged away from water at least. Trogged back to car park & Hilde's - met Penny, Mark D, Julian, Bill back up.

Food + beer + bed at Hilde's

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