164 - Weds 31/8/88 164

Wed 31 Aug 1988
Penny Reeves

Went down the pitch previously located (entries passim). This was a bit longer than it looked, maybe 8m or so, freehang from a rockbridge. Lands in a wide chamber that has three ways on. Ahead, continuing along the fault - this gets small + maybe diggable - about 40m of passage. Right is a bedding (!) up a climb, left a smaller tube on a shelf at the same level (ie. the cave intersects a joint/another fault), both left + right choke. Will return on the morrow to survey + explore the direct way on.

Plan of chamber - grade 0

[a plan rendered completely illegible by ink bleeding through from the next page]

We have lost the draught - it appears to rise from the chamber floor

Penny has just said to me 'What do you mean 'freehang' ? It wasn't until you hammered all the rub points off'
This is only 90% true.

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    164 - Weds 31/8/88 164
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